Students life STUDENT CONCIL
Dumindiak Ivanna
Head of Students’ self-government

Students’ self-government

The only body of students’ self-government is Students’ council of Kharkiv International medical university.

Students’ council is students, who want, who can and who learn how to organize, listen, and help.

Students’ council is an organization. This is organization of celebrations, business appointments, mind games, students’ leisure. This is organization of the future.

Students’ council is a desire. This is desire to succeed, to work and enjoy, to learn and keep up with times.

Students’ council is a team. The team which is united by common goals, efforts, ideas.

The Students’ council is represented by:

  • • Head of University students council;/li>
  • • Deputy head of University students council;
  • • Secretary of University students council;
  • • Heads of departments of University students council;

  • The main principles of Students’ self-government:

  • • Voluntary nature;/li>
  • • Electivity;
  • • Joint decision-making;
  • • Transparency and openness in its work.

  • Main tasks of Students’ self-government:

  • • Protect of students’ rights and interests;
  • • Ensuring of fulfilment the obligations by students;
  • • Contribution to students’ educational, scientific and creative activities;
  • • Facilitating the students’ living conditions and their recreation;
  • • Promotion of different students’ clubs, associations, partnerships establishment and coordination of their activities to create a single students’ space in the University;
  • • Involvement of students in secondary occupations in a free time.

  • Regulation of Students’ self-government