The University implements a quality management system according to the requirements of the international standard ISO 9001: 2015

“Quality Management Systems Requiremets”. KhIMU has passed certification and in early October 2021 received an international quality certificate, which is registered in the system of international certification (SIC).

The quality management system of HhIMU is aimed at implementing the principles of quality management in order to improve the quality of all types of educational services by improving the management, basic and ancillary processes. The system is developed in accordance with the requirements of legislation and regulations governing the activities of educational institutions, documented, implemented, constantly maintained and improved.

In the process of implementing the quality management system, the University constantly meets the requirements of ISO 9001: 2015, namely: identified the processes required for the quality management system, their sequence and interaction; identified criteria and methods necessary to ensure the effectiveness of the operation and control of processes; the availability of resources and information necessary for the maintenance and operation of processes; monitoring and analysis of educational processes is carried out; measures are taken to achieve the planned results and ensure the improvement of processes.

Using the methodology of Total Quality Management, the whole staff of the University is expected to participate in the creation of high quality educational services at all stages of its life cycle. Effective quality management is based on studying and meeting the needs and expectations of consumers, continuous improvement of educational services and processes that make up the University, which aims to build its own unique quality management system based on ISO 9000 standards.


Dear Friends,
On behalf of Kharkiv International Medical University – the modern and perspective university, located in one of the most beautiful cities and an educational center of Ukraine, I am delighted to welcome you to become a part of our academic family. It is a great honor for the KhIMU to welcome you in the new area of knowledge, humanity, science - medicine. The journey of professional development starts with the selection of an institution for higher education. You will be greatly satisfied with your choice of studies and we are confident that we are offering great ease to you and your parents in your career choice.

The source of our passion is our mission, which is centered on education, research, and service. An incomparable experience is awaiting you. Here, you will have the opportunity to sharpen your mind. Here, you will be challenged to aim higher than ever before. Grasp these opportunities! Your staying in Kharkiv in general is going to be useful, joyful, interesting, active and simply unforgettable. We are happy to have students from many countries who will become our world ambassadors after their graduation. The challenge will create opportunities for spiritual and personal growth for each of you.


1st international
medical university
in Ukraine
On-site campus:
own clinics,
medical facilities
Medical equipment
of the latest technologies
for studies and practice
Unique combination
of brilliance in education
and affordable fees
Self-financed private institution licensSelf-financed private institution licensed by the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine

Quality of education with degree recognized worldwide

International environment with foreign lecturers and students from all over the world

Newly-built main buildings, modern lecture halls and laboratory auditoriums hosting international medical workshops and congress

Best teachers and scientists
of medicine teach,
inspire, support,
and lead to proficiency
in medicine
and future opportunities
Students don’t only study,
but also attend scientific conferences over Ukraine and beyond,
get experience with examining patients, medical treatment,
and travel during student exchange programs
Student hostel, canteen, library, sport complex, concert hall of newly-construction
Regular cultural activities: festivals, celebrations, performances, ceremonies, social integration into student community
Regular cultural activities: festivals, celebrations, performances, ceremonies, social integration into student community

Faculty of Medicine

The six-year medical studies in English allow students to enroll in the University directly from high secondary school. The program is designed for students who are strongly motivated, have a good command of both written and spoken English and interest in medical science.

Except for the fact that instructions, labs, lectures and examinations are conducted in English, the curriculum of the six-year medical studies in English is completely identical with the coursework pursued by Ukrainian medical students. Learning Ukrainian language is also available during the first two years of the program. Students are offered to learn Ukrainian in order to be able to communicate with the patients and in order to avoid the misunderstanding of the patients from the third year onwards.

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GENERAL INFORMATION – international students are admitted to the University in conformity to the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine low and are able to apply on-line. The prospective foreign students interested in offered undergraduate program of General Medicine in English medium.

ADMISSION CRITERIA – international students, are admitted after approval of submitted application documents (which must meet the admission requirements) by the Ukrainian Ministry of Education and Science. The subjects of Biology, Physics, Chemistry and English are primarily assessed, and minimum 50 % are requested for approval of application. No language certificate is required, yet good command of English is necessary and it is to be proved while interview on arrival to the University


Diploma from a secondary school with the transcripts of all studied subjects
Passport data page (or birth certificate, which is applicable for seat reservation)


there are autumn and winter intake, with resumption periods: 1st September – 30th October and 10th January – 28th February. Admissions are opened for application all year round.


International Agents.

How to apply to represent the KhIMU University.

If you would like to represent the Kharkiv International Medical University and believe you can meet the selection criteria outlined below, please prepare a short statement addressing the following questions:
  • The country or countries in which you propose to represent the KhIMU;
  • List all institutions that you currently represent;
  • The number of students your company sends to Ukraine each year;
  • If you have a website, please advise the URL;
This information should be sent to


General medicine / MBBS
Duration: 6 years
Tuition fee English (medium)
Medical check-up
Medical insurance
4000 USD every year
600 – 1000 USD every year
100 USD every year
200 USD every year
Tuition fee English (medium)
Medical check-up
Medical insurance
4000 USD every year
600 – 1000 USD every year
100 USD every year
200 USD every year


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