The Library

The Library of Kharkiv International Medical University was founded in 2018 as a structural unit that assists students and teachers in teaching, work, leisure, and research. The library fund is disciplinary, multi-scientific and multilingual. The library stores scientific literature and textbooks in Ukrainian, English, and Russian. At the beginning of its development, the university library had several copies, which reached 700, and which is now constantly replenished and supplemented. Every studying day, students have at their disposal a comfortable modern reading room with the possibility to use computer equipment for the educational process or personal needs. Like the entire university, the library has constant access to Wi-Fi, which will make your stay here as productive as possible. An important stage in the activities of our library will be the development and creation of its website, electronic databases, and catalogs, textbooks, and methodological literature. All this will significantly expand the information, educational and scientific capabilities of the library and the university..

PROVISIONS about Khimu Library