Dear students!
We sincerely congratulate you with the International Students` Day!
Students` years are the most special and interesting stage in the formation of
personality, worldview, talent, beliefs and professional ideals.
Let them be full of vivid impressions and professional knowledge.
You are a part of our university, you multiply and enrich the best traditions of
medical education.
We wish you health and success in your studies, so that every day is full of new
aspirations and personal victories. Be creative, be confident, because everything
depends on you, on your faith in what you are doing today!
Rectorate of Kharkiv International Medical University

Дорогі студенти !
Щиро вітаємо вас з Міжнародним Днем студента!
Студентські роки є найбільш особливим та цікавим етапом формування
особистості, світогляду, таланту, переконань та професійних ідеалів.
Нехай вони будуть сповнені яскравих вражень і професійних знань.
Ви частина нашого університету, ви примножуєте і збагачуєте найкращі
традиції медичної освіти.
Бажаємо вам здоров’я, успіхів у навчанні, щоб кожен день був сповнений
нових прагнень і особистих перемог. Будьте креативними, будьте
впевненими в собі, адже все залежить від вас, від вашої віри у те, що ви
сьогодні робите!
Ректорат ПВНЗ "Харківський міжнародний медичний університет.

PIHE KhIMU has taken part in the International IAAR Eurasian Ranking (IAAR-EUR) - 2021 and was invited to the official award ceremony. Participation in international rankings gives the opportunity to be competitive, focus on high quality education, and be among the best international universities! KhIMU is the only representative university from Ukraine in 2021. We meet international quality standards! We are among the best!

The results of the International Rating are published on the official websites of the Independent Accreditation and Rating Agency (IAAR): and

Thank you IAAR for the opportunity to participate in such events!

Congratulations to all participants and we hope for fruitful cooperation!

19.06.2021 Open Door Day in PIHE "Kharkiv International Medical University"

09.04.2021 Online Seminar for using Google Educational Instruments

01.04.2021 Seminar for the introduction of an internal quality assurance system of education

26.11.2020 International Accreditation

19.11.2020 All-Ukrainian online seminar "Google Digital Tools for Scientists"

On March 25, 2021, a meeting of the Academic Council of the University took place, which approved the following provisions:

1. Regulations on the scientist of the Council of PIHE "Kharkiv International Medical University" in a new edition;

2. Regulations on the Department of Internal Quality of Education of PIHE "Kharkiv International Medical University";

3. Regulations on the opposition of Bulling PIHE "Kharkiv International Medical University";

4. Regulations on the Legal Department of PIHE "Kharkiv International Medical University";

5.Plations on the Department of Office and Chancellery PIHE "Kharkiv International Medical University".

March 8 - International Women's Day


On October 15, 2020 Kharkiv International Medical University was housing a marathon devoted to World Anatomy Day. The marathon lasted for 4 hours. Representatives of Ukrainian educational establishments (T.G.Shevtshenko KNU; Bukovyna State Medical University, Kharkiv National Medical University; Medical College of Kharkiv National Medical University), representatives of international companies (3D Organon, Australia), lecturers and students of KhIMU took part in the event. The program of the Marathon included Anatomy Painting Exhibition, Scientific reports, master classes, presentations. Australian company 3D organon took part in the event and presented unique software for Anatomy study on the base of virtual reality.


One of the main elements of international educational system is independent accreditation as a procedure of official confirmation of aptness the educational establishment as well as its academic program to the specified criterion. Institutional accreditation is the assessment of training quality of higher educational establishment.

This year Private Institution of Higher Education “Kharkiv International Medical University” undergoes the international institutional accreditation with Independent Agency For Accreditation And Rating (IAAR).

External expert panel of IAAR works in the University from November,26 till November, 28 2020.

Independent Agency For Accreditation And Rating is leading international accreditation agency for assurance of educational quality. It is established in 2011 in Republic of Kazakhstan, and it has its representational office in the territory of European Union (Riga, Latvia).

IAAR is the first accreditation agency of CIS countries, which has obtained the recognition from World Federation for Medical Education (WFME).

IAAR is a full member of European, Asian and American networks and agencies for assurance of educational quality:

  • INQAAHE - International Network for Quality Assurance Agencies in Higher Education;

  • CHEA / CIQG - US Council for Higher Education Accreditation / International Quality Group;

  • IREG - International Observatory on Academic Ranking and Excellence;

  • CEENQA - Central and Eastern European Network of Quality Assurance Agencies in Higher Education;

  • APQN - Asia-Pacific Quality Network.

  • IAAR activities follow the standards for educational quality assurance in European Higher Educational Area and World Federation for Medical Education.