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Work during quarantine

Dear members of the university community!


During the quarantine practical psychologist of the university works in the following areas:

I. Рsychological consultations on individual request at a specific time via Viber, WhatsUp, Telegram and phone calls.

For registration , please contact the HELBOX of KhIMU

II. Usefull post and helpful links on the official website of the university in the "Psychological support" section.

Have a good mood and strong health!

Mental health and psychosocial support from World Health organization

What is stress :

What is physical activity :

Mental health:

Depression :

Mental health strengthening our response :

Advice from World health organisation Looking after our mental health

Article from international journal of medicine The psychological impact of COVID-19 on the mental health in the general population


Every day we get into different stressful situations. Someone manages to quickly get out of them, others need more time and effort to do this. These advices will help you to survive the stress if you need to recover as soon as possible, and trying to calm down does not work.

Firstly, you need to turn off the voltage and relax

To relax, you need to feel tension. Start with your hands. Squeeze your fists as hard as you can and count to 10. Then relax your fists so that your fingers lie freely on your knees or on any other surface. Feel how your hands move differently when they are tense and relaxed, remember the moment of relaxation and leave your hands calm.

Do you realize that you barely hold back your negative emotions? This is the first sign of overwork and excessive stress. If such manifestations are suppressed, they can develop into depression and other mental disorders. But it is impossible to openly pour out anger and fear, especially in a crowded place. Psychologists argue, that there are quick methods to combat overstress:

• Highlight the cause of stress. Understanding the cause of such an unpleasant state is the first step towards calm.

• Try to remove all negative thoughts from your head and focus on any pleasant event from your life.

• Do some simple exercises. For example: jumping or mach hands. This will help the body fight the stress hormone.

• Take a deep breath. Inhale the air, filling yourself with it from the bottom up (from the abdomen to the chest), and exhale vice versa, from the top down.

"First of all, you should understand that stress is a useful enough thing for our organism. It helps to mobilize forces, resources that we do not use in our daily lives. Being stressed from time to time is therefore beneficial. "If there are too many stresses and it becomes difficult to overcome them, we offer three simplest methods for calming down.

1. Breathing on a square - is one of the simplest methods of quick calming. According to this method, you need to drive with the finger of one hand in the palm of the other, forming a square. On the vertical faces of the imaginary square, you need to take a breath/exhale, and on horizontal pauses. Breath - pause - exhalation - pause. So you need to repeat for five minutes or until you calm down. Thus, a person begins to control his breath. It is also tactile sensations - a person begins to feel his body.

2. Adrenaline barometer. When we are under stress - emotions choke us. At this time, it is important to distract, refocus from negative emotions to positive ones. You can recall some fun or pleasant outburst, think about something good. For example, you can imagine, that you are holding a kitten in your arms. Then the degree of nerve tension will subside.

3. Another of the simplest and fastest methods is positive thinking. Everything has its positives and negatives. It is important to look for positives in stress. For example, the boss reported someone, you need to think to yourself "it's good that the leader requires more from me, so they see more potential in me." Or they fired from work, you need to think "Well, wonderful! I have plenty of free time now. I can find myself a better job. I can turn my hobby into work, "etc. It is important to look for a positive in any situation. These methods can be used both separately from each other, and sequentially - breathing, distraction and tuning to positive thoughts. Remember: we attract what we think. "

Bullying is a long process of conscious abuse, aggressive behavior with the purpose to make harm, cause fear, anxiety or create a negative environment for a person.

Bullying, i.e. the actions of participants in the educational process, which consist of psychological, physical, economic, sexual violence, including the use of electronic means of communication committed against a minor or by such person against other participants of the educational process, as a result of which could be caused or was caused damage to the mental or physical health of the victim, entails the imposition of a fine of fifty - one hundred non-taxable minimum incomes or community service for a period of twenty - forty hours.

In almost every group there are some people who are the object of ridicule and bullying, as well as aggressors who are the initiators of bullying. Most often, bullying is initiated by overly aggressive people who like to dominate, that is, to be "in charge". They are not bothered by the feelings and experiences of other people, they seek to be the center of attention, to control everything around them. By humiliating others, they increase their significance. This often happens due to the deep psychological complexes of offenders. They may have experienced humiliation or copied the aggressive and abusive patterns of behavior that exist in their families. Bullying is usually chosen by those who are different. The difference can be any: feature of appearance; manner of communication, behavior; an unusual hobby; social status, nationality, religious affiliation, etc.


In cases of bullying (victim or witness), ask for help through the hotline and on the hotline 116-000!


Ministry of Justice - Nationwide legal awareness project "I HAVE A RIGHT"