According to research by a group of experts, Kharkiv is recognized as the best city to live in Ukraine. The metropolis with a population of 1,500,000 people topped the ranking of the five best cities. The evaluation criteria of each of the cities were: economic situation, quality of education, prospects for doing business, safety of life, wages, transport comfort, environmental situation, as well as the quality of municipal services. Kharkiv, over the past three years has shown rapid development. From other Ukrainian cities, the first capital differs significantly in its cleanliness, green areas and street lighting. Guests of the city and Kharkiv are satisfied with the number of cultural monuments, architecture, cultural and entertainment centers.

Also, the main criterion for a comfortable life in Kharkiv was the field of education, which is represented at a decent level and continues to grow rapidly. The city has more than 60 higher education institutions, about 180,000 Ukrainian students and 20,000 foreign students.

One of the significant advantages of the first capital of Ukraine is that there is a high level of investment attractiveness - there is a large number of foreign companies. This improves the city economic performance, as well as allows you to find a prestigious job with a decent salary. According to experts, the city of Kharkiv is currently one of the transport hubs connecting Ukraine with other Western European countries.