Students life Hostels


The students’ dormitory of KhIMU is intended for temporary accommodation of foreigners, non-resident students, interns, graduate students for the period of their study. Dormitory be governed by Housing Code of Ukraine, educational legislation, regulations and the internal guidelines of the University.

International students are accommodated on a dormitory on a general basis and on equal conditions with Ukrainian students. Accommodation in the students’ dormitory of outsiders, placement of other organizations and institutions is strictly forbidden.

Rights and duties of students who live in the dormitory:
  • living in a provided room in accordance with internal rules;
  • using of educational, cultural and utility devices, facilities, dormitory equipment;
  • room assignment with the permission of the University administration;
  • abidance by internal regulations, rules of safety and fire safety, orders and regulations of the University, commandant of the hostel; observation of the current sanitary rules and hygiene standards;
  • performance of epidemic countermeasures;
  • careful using of the dormitory property, prevention damage of the building, rooms, equipment, furniture and other facilities;
  • saving of energy, gas and water. Maintaining cleanliness in living quarters;
  • payment on time in the prescribed rates for accommodation;
  • adherence of pass system;

  • It’s prohibited:
  • to throw out garbage or other objects in undesignated areas;
  • to violate the fire safety requirements set by standards, norms and rules;
  • to violate public order, to show disrespect to the community by using obscene language in public places;
  • to break or damage other people's property;
  • to store or drink alcoholic or low alcoholic beverages in the dormitory;
  • In case of expulsion from the university, student must vacate the allocated premises and provide furniture and supplies within 2 days (for international students – within 14 days) from the date of the corresponding order issue.