UNIVERSITY STRUCTURAL DEPARTMENTS Department of Foreign Nationals, Passport and Visa Work

The department of foreign nationals, passport and visa work The Department of foreign nationals and passport and visa work was created with the aim of integrating into international community and international expansion for the provision of scientific and educational services. The purpose of the department is to provide organizational, technical, informational and methodological support for the University international activity on attracting foreign nationals to study at KhIMU.

The main tasks of the department are:
  • development of the strategy of the University international activity, its integration into the world education system;
  • organization, performance of obligations arising from international contracts and agreements of Ukraine, agreements of Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine and Ministry of Health of Ukraine;
  • development of methods for implementing the organization of international activities, preparation of agreements in the field of international educational process;
  • establishing contacts with foreign educational institutions, agencies, associations, as well as with their representatives in Ukraine;
  • statistical processing of data about students studying at the University;
  • provision of information services related to the education of foreign students in accredited educational programs and specialties;
  • preparation and registration of invitations for study for applicants from foreign countries and for foreign specialists, assistance and support during their studies and/or staying at the University;
  • collaboration with foreign recruitment agencies on educational services issues;
  • preparation of reports on the activities of the department;
  • formation and maintenance of foreign students database, its constant updating and extension;
  • preparation of documents of foreign graduates for legalization at the Ministry of Health of Ukraine and the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, as well as at embassies and consulates of foreign states in Ukraine

  • The department also develops such areas of international activity as organization of the foreign delegations’ reception, holding of international conferences, symposia, preparation of draft agreements with foreign organizations, implementation of existing scientific projects with foreign partners, execution of international academic mobility programs, exchange of scientific and technical information.