Quality of education

Policy of quality assurance of educational activity and quality of higher education of private institution of higher education

"Kharkiv International Medical University"

According to standards and recommendations

Provision of quality in the European space of higher

Education (ESG 2015)

The functioning of the quality assurance system of educational activity and quality of higher education is based on the principles of laws of Ukraine "On Higher Education" and "Education" and meets the main objectives and tasks established by the Statute and the Strategy for the Development of the Private Institution of Higher Education "Kharkiv International Medical University" (PIHE "KhIMU").

PIHE "KhIMU" is an active representative among medical institutions of higher education in Ukraine, which provides for the development of educational activities, active international cooperation, generation and transfer of knowledge into medicine, sector of medical services, the implementation of the social mission through culture, socially significant projects indicated in the basic normative documents of the institution.

In this case, the organization of the educational process of PIHE "KhIMU" provides:

• implementation of an academic education function aimed at developing and improving the personality, independently captivate new knowledge, to be professionally mobile and competent;

• priority of the fundamental meaning of the educational process;

• orientation on the preparation of masters in the specialty 222 "Medicine" and the provision of universal and professional knowledge;

• Ensuring the complexity of students' preparation.

Also, the quality assurance system for the quality of education of PIHE "KhIMU" is aimed at activities in accordance with procedures and criteria for quality assurance in the European Higher Education (EPEO) specified in the "standards and recommendations for quality assurance in the EPEA" and other documents of the European Quality Association for Quality Association In higher education (ENQA), the European Association of Higher Educational Institutions (EURASHE) and the European Academy of Family Medicine Teachers (EURACT).

Responding to modern European practices, the internal system for ensuring the quality of PIHE "KhIMU" is based on the principles of publicity, academic integrity, flexibility and competitiveness.

The policy of quality assurance of educational activity and quality of higher education at the university is aimed at constant improvement of educational activity in general and is realized through the implementation of appropriate measures and a wide range of internal procedures at all levels that meet ESG standards, primarily sections 1.2, 1.5, 1.6, 1.8, 1.9, 1.10:

• the process of developing and approving educational programs;

• periodic evaluation and advanced training of pedagogical, scientific and scientific and pedagogical personnel;

• Ensuring the necessary resources for the functioning of educational activities;

• application of information management for more efficient management of the educational process;

• availability of information on the activity of PIHE "KhIMU";

• implementation of current monitoring and periodic review of programs;

• compliance with the requirements of internal quality assurance of PIHE "KhIMU" with the requirements of external quality assurance of higher education and educational activities.

Provision of quality of higher education and educational activities in PIHE "KhIMU" is a constant process that is being improved.

According to the current legislation and regulations, the process of functioning and effective activity of the internal quality assurance system is constantly studied and evaluated by the relevant authorities.